Mindsight – Book Recomendation

Read this week and am now re-reading an amazing book called Mindsight, by Dr. Dan Siegel:


It is a fascinating look at defining what the mind is and how our brains work, through the study of a field called interpersonal neurobiology. Your brain is part of your mind yes, but the mind is also *relational*, and so understanding about your connection to others and how they make you feel is also part of how your mind works. A very different perspective on mental health as it aims to define what makes a healthy mind, rather than pathologizing what might be going on in our inner world. A little new agey but a lot sciency. I really found it quite helpful.

Check it out if you are into reading about that kinda thing:

The word “just”

“Can’t we *just* do <insert thing here>?”

Is only ever said by people who are ignorant, and are not even aware of their ignorance. If you have enough experience, you’ve learned that nothing “just” happens. Even for things that seem simple, there’s always more than meets the eye when you get down to doing it.

Dear Nathaniel, re: CRTC

written to Nathaniel Erskine-Smith on March 15, 2016:

Dear Nathaniel,

Government agencies in the pocket of giant corporations, yet again under a Liberal government? That isn’t why you got my vote, good sir. Stop Bell and Rogers from screwing over the competition yet again. Please phone anyone you know at the CRTC to rule against them.

Prices for the consumer are significantly cheaper in the USA where they have virtual carriers who buy bandwidth wholesale and provide more flexible options for consumers. Even more embarrassing is that one of the leading providers in the American market is a Canadian company:


They advertise an average price of $23 per month!!!!  And yet they aren’t allowed to use the same business model in their home country. It’s outrageous. We need more competition and not less.

Please help to make this happen, Nathaniel.


Yours very sincerely,

Michael Auty
an East York resident.